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Is about connecting with our longtime friends at White Press  Formally it was the acquisition of one entity by another but we are talking about a merger as both Senuto and WhitePress Ⓡ see a huge field for joint activities and development potential.  their independence and individual character while at the same time they will support each other technologically and combine services . This is worth mentioning in the context of the development of the application because it will undoubtly benefit from this connection – both indirectly and directly.

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Another big change in Senuto in is the addition of integration with Make (formerly Integromat). Make allows you to create automations even if you China Phone Number List do not know coding – very interesting possibilities for creating your own processes relat to SEO and business. We have improv the entire application in terms of efficiency and usability. In the Visibility Analysis it was possible to compare two periods we implement a tool giving insight into historical search results as well as a user notification system when data collection was complet. Oh and we’ve introduc Dark Mode Maybe it’s a change only at the level of appearance not function.

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We hear voices that the change is very important. At least for those who ultimately set the dark mode in all possible apps.and dark mode on the right KY Lists something for everyone You can read more about the technical changes and news in Senuto in here: > Summary of Q > Summary of Q Below is a summary of data for the entire year.It’s going to be interesting We’ve gone through history now it’s time to take a look at the future. What will next year bring for you Senuto users We have ambitious plans for – for now instead of a detail roadmap we will present only goals and we will keep you inform about implementations You can.

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