Relat subject areas is illustrat in the figure below. Relat topics of artificial intelligence Figure : Relat topics of artificial intelligence (representation according to Nisarg Dave. Turing test The Turing test develop in and nam after the scientist  whether a computer can think and act like a human and whether its intelligence can be compar to that of a human. In the Turing test communication takes place via a keyboard and without hearing or visual contact between the test participants. The test participants are a computer And two real people.

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Here the computer A and a test person. Try to convince the test person  that the. Interaction is taking place with a human being. With the help of a Bahrain Phone Number List conversation or. A game of chess. At the end test person has to decide which. Test participant is a human or a computer by means of various questions. The test is pass in favor of the computer if test person C can no longer clearly determine whether it is a human or a computer bas on the answers provid. Today we encounter this test in modifi form every day on the Internet.

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On many websites you are ask to copy a display combination of letters and numbers to check. This is intend to prove that a human user is behind the KY Lists input. This procure is abbreviat to the word CAPTCHA which stands for completely automat public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart. As early as IBM and their computer call then world chess champion Garry Kasparov in a duel between man and machine. This competition should the immense development of artificial intelligenceprove and was of relevance and interest to chess players as well as scientists and researchers Google is currently.

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