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Entire company The process of sales controlling is therefore about increasing the effectiveness of sales. For this purposevarious key figures are examinwhile at the same time different instruments and components must be observ. sales controlling Definition Sales controlling is a process for the target control of saleswhich is bas on a specific sales strategy. But that’s not all A part of sales controlling is also success controlwhich proves how successful a sales strategy and the corresponding sales activities were in practice. To do thisvarious key figures must be considerfor which several people are involv in this process.

What exactly is sales controlling

The goal in sales controlling is always to improve sales and make them more effective. Why is sales controlling important and what is check Die Japan Phone Number List From a purely organizational point of viewsales controlling can be assign to two areas in a company.  centrally in the finance areabut on the other hand it can also be decentraliz in the distribution or sales area. It is therefore an interface that connects both areas. In recent yearssome companies have switch to using an external consultant or freelancer for controlling and thus relying on an external partner. The advantage of the external view of the sales activities is that they can be viewanalyz and evaluat completely objectively. This prevents important optimization potential from.

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Being overlook due to operational blindness. Instruments in sales controlling Which ones are important In order to be able to implement sales KY Lists controlling successfully and effectivelyvarious instruments are us. The most important instruments are customer has a certain value for a company. For examplecorporate customers are often more valuable than individual customerssince B B customers often place larger orders. It is not uncommon for small customer groups to be responsible for a large proportion of the profit. The customer value indicates the value that this customer has brought to the company over a certain period of time. Customer value managementin turnis about either focusing on customers with high values ​​or increasing the overall value of customers for the company Please click.

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