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Customers that correspond to a group in each customer segment. The following summary of the relevant phases provides a comprehensive overview of the entire customer segmentation process. Defining target groups The first step is to define which people or companies are relevant for marketingsales or product development in your own company. on the respective task. For examplethe production of new productsthe design of advertisements or the emphasizing of certain product features are among the goals of customer segmentation. Defining characteristics In the second stepthe characteristics are defin that are us to describe the customer segments. The customer’s attitude towards the company or the product as well as.

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The purchasing behavior are essential characteristics that ne to be examin. Identifying clusters How strong the influence of the different characteristics Qatar Phone Number List is must be determin by means of a survey or discussion. This task is usually carri out by market research. The collect data are evaluat using a cluster analysis to identify the subgroups that are similar but clearly different from other subgroups. The develop clusters then represent the different customer segments. Describing customer segments The differentusing the following criteria interestsattitudessympathiesimage of the company or productprejudicesetc. Each of the customer segments can be ruc to a typical customer using personas. This persona then describes the.

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Segment as best as possible. it customer segments In the last stepthe activities are adapt to the customer segments that have been work out.  customer segments individually. Depending on the segmentother channels or advertising mia must be us. The KY Lists more personally and individually the customers are addressthe more satisfi they are with the product or service in question. This has a positive effect both on customer loyalty and on the economic factors of the company. In addition to the special approachthe products and services can also be design in such a way that they correspond exactly to the wishes and nes of the customers. Overallthrough the target addressing and the adaptation of the.

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