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Transparency of the relative and absolute importance of the customers or customer segments as sales and contribution margins or profit suppliers is given. Since the division into customer segments in the one-dimensional analysis always represents a point-in-time inventoryit is particularly easy to observe changes in the customer structure over time. The disadvantages of the one-dimensional approach to customer segmentation are that only one criterion is us to assess customer value. This creates a customer group and not a homogeneous customer segment. aspects are not us when assessing customer attractiveness for the company. you like to find out more about how your customers think and feel in order to.

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Address them appropriately? Then find out more about our Customer Insights Seminar and get to know the basicsmethods and working techniques of Peru Phone Number List modern market research. Mon/ / Customer Insights – Modern market researchwith Prof. Dr. Nikola Ziehe in Cologne or onlineInform now LegendFree places . Customer segmentation Multidimensional approach The multidimensional customer segmentation approach uses multiple segmentation variables simultaneously. . The relevant criteria are present in the following chapter.  . Criteria for customer segmentation in the B C area Geographical segmentation (e.g. spatial distributionspecific cultures Socio-demographic segmentation.

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Segmentation (definition of buyer groupse.g. bas on attitudesmotives and preferences Behavioral segmentation (reflects the result of purchasing KY Lists decision processes productpricecommunication and sales-relat characteristics such as brand choiceprice behaviormia use or choice of shopping location Special forms of aggregat segmentation in the B C area social stratification family or life cycle Microgeographical segmentation lifestyle concept benefit segmentation . Criteria for customer segmentation in the B B area Environmental criteria Economy industry Technological level Association affiliation union influence State Influence Organizational criteria organizational form legal form industry position in the life cycle International orientation company size.

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