An online shop not only provide information about how well certain marketing measures have work and influence the views and purchases. Rather they can also  stat and communicat openly in order to further increase the numr of users. cause the more people are interest in something the tter it has to . Not only followers and likes can  sharpany content shar on various platforms to which users have react (positively) also attracts more attention. customer reviews  numrs are customer ratings as products of swarm intelligence for marketing. Online shops in particular should definitely include rating options. Anyone who always strives for.

At least as important as user

Customer satisfaction and also reacts to criticism will only nefit from an evaluation function. cause many customers are unsure whether they should shop in a Croatia Phone Number List shop and would like to get the opinion of other customers first.  are not just free advertising. They also convey trustworthiness. cause a shop for which customer satisfaction is not important would hardly integrate a rating function. customer reviews  highly efficient advertising mium especially for online shops. success stories A wonderful example of swarm intelligence is also the variety of success stories that customers who are satisfi with a product or service often have to share. When a company’s service has improv.

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Especially positive customer reviews

A customer’s personal or work life in some way they often feel the ne to say thank you. The opportunity to share a small success story with other potential KY Lists customers is often what nefits the company the most. Success stories come a much more effective means of advertising than conventional customer ratings. The most authentic and strongest are success stories in the form of short video contributions from customers which are shar on the company’s website for example. It is st to make it clear that these are not purchas reviews Promote swarm.

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