Didn’t do any marketing our customers recommend us.Do you say that often Of course all users / customers should recommend us. However this recommendation marketing should also approach strategically and systematically so that you are recommend even more and thus generate even more customers. tackle the topic Together with you we develop concepts on how you can generate more recommendations online and offline. Here you will find bundl information on the subject of referral marketing . discuss your referral marketing project. You can find out more in our Customer Centri city.

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Seminar – find out among other things how you can persuade customers to make more recommendations. Seminar Customer Centricity Qatar Phone Number List and Commitment Would you like to expand customer orientation in your company and thus promote customer engagement Then our Customer Centricity and Commitment seminar is the right thing for you Find out now about the exact dates and contentW / / Prof. Dr. Michael rnecker in Cologne or onlineInform now Legend:Free places available.Only a few places leftSorry fully book. Marketing Measures Events & Events One of the st platforms for goal-orient interactions with customers are events and gatherings . Plan them – both online and offline get in.

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Touch with your customers and organize for example an open house an event for the European Football Championship or a congress a seminar or an KY Lists evening event with new inputs a product presentation or in-house exhibition . All these formats are of great importance in modern marketing . But rest assurNothing comes from nothing Of course you also ne other marketing measures around such an eventplan so that your customers notice them come to the event and can also report about it afterwards. Link your events and events with email marketing social mia measures referral marketing etc. What have you had good experiences with Do you have any other tips We look forward to your input  Also take.

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