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Comments Finally the software connects and integrates apps already in use for a simplifi overview and application. In terms of design  and well-known Facebook format. the premium versionincluding all features – including email support for administrators – is $ per active user per month. A standard version is freely available. Yammer Yammeris part of the Microsoft Office package and represents a private social network that can be us within organizations for open communication. This allows both support issues and feback on specific projects to be collect and structur. At the same timeworking or project groups can.

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Be set up on the platformin which all the actors involv can exchange information and get information. As a social networkYammer is intend to stimulate Australia Phone Number List exchange between colleagueswhich is intend to encourage both more effective answering of  of experience. In addition to the classic desktop applications Windows and Macthe software can also be us on the go with an app. A basic version of Yammer is freethe Enterprise versions vary between $ and $ per user per month. Depending on the requirementsYammer can be purchas with SharePoints or with the complete Office package. Bitrix Bitrix combines the classic and the social.

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Intranet as well as project management with additional tools to structure daily tasks and facilitate work processes. After registering and inviting colleag. Ues KY Lists the user automatically ends up. In the Bitrix activity streamin which all company are present in a concise and clear manner. Both the creation of comments and the exchange of files can be easily carri out via the activity stream or within workgroups. At the same timethe software offers a work area in which current tasks can be work outdelegat and evaluat by supervisors after completion. After allBitrix makes it easy and convenient to handle company organizational charts and time tracking The software.

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