Image sizes When it comes to search engine optimization for YouTu videos the next step is the description of the video. Only about characters of the description are display under the YouTu video the rest of the text has to . The ginning of your description is therefore crucial. Include a call-to-action or link to your home page in the description. The text should  attractively word and contain relevant keywords for the video. The tags are also relevant for YouTu SEO. Add your relevant keywords as tags to the video. This serves to link your content to similar videos and thus increase the reach. Choosing a category also helps.

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To connect your video with similar videos and generate even more viewers. What advertising options are there to promote a YouTu channel are available in Australia Phone Number List connection with a YouTu channel extend to several levels. Cooperations with other companies or YouTurs are particularly popular when it comes to drawing attention to one s own content. interesting videos. Anyone who builds up a wide-ranging network here can nefit in many ways and increase their level of awareness. However YouTu also offers the option of advertising your own videos for a fee. In order to  as successful as possible here it is vitally important to optimally adapt the campaigns to your own target group.

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Among other things this ensures that the price-performance ratio of the advertising measure is convincing. The ad is plac via Google Ads and you KY Lists can choose from a variety of ad formats. Anyone who is not yet familiar with this should think about the support of a professional marketing agency. In addition to YouTu advertising you should also think about sharing your videos on social mia and using them on your website. In blog posts or on product pages videos serve to supplement the content and offer users value. In summary YouTu marketing can  individually adapt to the nes of the.

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