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Purchase suggestions from online shops or series recommendations also allow companies to better understand the user and to introduce customiz advertising in a more target manner. Online Marketing Trends Restriction of reach of Facebook marketing Mark Zuckerberg shar on January via his own Facebook account that he wants to bring people closer together on Facebook and that public postssuch as news sites and corporate postshave been rampant lately. will continue to limit the reach of corporate postsso posts from friends and family will be more visible in the newsfe.range limitation For Facebook marketing this.

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Means that companies must increasingly rely on paid Facebook advertising in order to continue to achieve an acceptable reach. Bolivia or Slovakia UAE Phone Number List Facebook no longer even displays unadvertis company content in the regular news fe. Facebook’s so-call explorer feimplement in the desktop versionshows miss posts that weren’t shown in the main news fe. According to Facebookthis is just a test in these countriesbut it cannot be rul out that the reach of corporate mail will be fundamentally chang in this way in the future.

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Please click here to accept marketing cookies and. Enable this content If Facebook really only. Contains posts from friends in the regular ews fethe KY Lists budget for social mia marketing. Must be increas significantlysince only paid advertisements would penetrate the news fe. The explorer fe is likely to see little useand againa  among the billions of other hidden posts. The new data protection regulation (GDPR From May ththe new. General Data Protection Regulation (EU-DSGVO will replace the national data protection regulation in the EU member states. The law came into force two years agoand the institutions were grant a two-year transitional phase so that the GDPR will take effect in the EU this year. Das neue Gesetz gilt zum Beispiel für marketing.

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