Competitions on Instagram . Rather each company has its own target group within the Instagram community. This results in another important finding the items or services that are raffl off via a company s Instagram account should always have something to do with the brand in question or  closely connect to it. A classic example A company that sells make-up products might confuse its subscrirs with a competition about car spare parts. cause there is a reason why an Instagram user decides to follow a company they are interest in the company’s.

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Products or services anyway. Therefore followers are more likely to enter a sweepstakes if the prizes match the company. ideas for your Instagram Namibia Phone Number List sweepstakes  through Instagram you will quickly see  to your imagination when it comes to Instagram sweepstakes . In order to stand out from the crowd of competitors it makes sense to sometimes go classic but sometimes new paths. The following five examples show how versatile Instagram sweepstakes are today and how they can  integrat into online marketing . Competition example no.  Raffle products from your own.

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Range This is an absolute classic – and a comparatively simple way of giving away products. The principle Products that sell particularly well new items or KY Lists those that could use a little PR are integrat into a competition. Depending on the possibilities not only one article has to  raffl off. Sweepstakes of this type often offer the chance to award several places. Competition example no.  . Even large companies often rely on appropriate partnerships. This is usually a classic win-win situation. cause the target group of one brand will  inevitably.

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