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In digital marketing – book review votes Emotionalization in digital marketing is the title of the volume publish in May . An itorial advisory board has compil this anthology with six basic chapters and nine best-practice cases. In articles on pagesauthors deal with the emotionalization in marketing today. Emotionalization in Marketing –  important in marketingespecially since the increas relevance of social mia tools. Brands no longer only take place in a rational world of the customerbut also in an emotional world. Various studies have shown that emotional customer loyalty is particularly strong and therefore particularly successful. Accordinglysuch an anthology is long overdue to show and discuss different facets of emotionalization in marketing and to show approaches that have proven to be successful in practice. Lots of theoretical basics little depth.

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The first chapters contain fundamental contributions on the subject of emotions and their role for consumers. Following the titlecontributions Philippines Phone Number List three and four delve a little more deeply into the digital context and show approaches onmarketing. Unfortunatelythese posts often only scratch the surface they deal with the basic terms ofmarketingbut lack some depth and do not offer a comprehensible approach to what extent an emotionalizationof the marketing tools hereby succes. The practical cases deal with the topic in very different ways and combine classic marketing with individual online marketing activities. Unfortunatelythe modern approaches of.

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Online marketing and here in particular the visual possibilities from the areas of UX design and visual communication are left out. Some contributions KY Lists leave the impression that the term digitization was only add to get into the anthology. Accordinglythe anthology gives a good overview of the theoretical conceptsthe emotionalizationand emotions remain behind the current possibilitiesespecially in digital marketing. Individual tools from digital marketing are mention in the articlesbut to what extent and in what way they really serve to emotionalize communication the reader must identify for himself. Conclusion It would have been more honest to give the book the title Emotionalisation in Marketing . The title builds on the expectation that the relationship between digital marketing tools and emotionalisation will be establish and that practical approaches will be includ.

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