Brand Despite a high level of brand awareness you may already lose some customers in the transition to the level of familiarity. Because in order to achieve familiarity the customer’s positive association with your brand is necessary. therefore be convey in corporate communication and external presentation. If there is a ne for improvement at this level programs for positive experience miation for example are advantageous. Fundraising campaigns for charitable purposes or sweepstakes and raffles can be us for this purpose for example. Digital Brand Manager (DIM) Brand Funnel Level The Consideration.

Positive emotions and values ​​should

Set Awareness and a positive perception of your brand are ensur Then it is now a matter of reaching the consideration set or the relevance set of your customers. A customer’s consideration set only stores a few brands or products that the customer and is more likely to buy. These are mostly brands and products that the customer trusts because they have had Ghana Phone Number List good experiences with them in the past. The goal at this stage of the brand funnel is to be consider by customers when making a purchase decision. You can promote this by.

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Considers first when making a purchase

Communicating and advertising the advantages and unique selling points (USPs) of your product. Brand funnel level : The purchase  has reach this level KY Lists and buys your product an important step in the brand funnel has been reach. However the process of long-term customer retention is by no means complete at this point. Dealing with customers immiately before and after the conclusion of the purchase plays a central role in long-term customer loyalty . The after-sales service in particular can be the decisive factor in whether the customer buys a product from your brand again or switches to a competitor after a one-off.

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