The company also mean: There is a person X who has to deal with the topic has to check the whole company for neuralgic interfaces with the topic and has to ar the responsibility that Old is updat and new is implement directly according to the new principles. However this also means new territory for this employee and comparatively  originally had to do. It is precisely at this point that external service providers come in who want to take the additional GDPR effort off the shoulders of companies so that everything can continue to run as usual in the company itself. The GDPR service providers take care of this in detail.

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The data that must protect according to the GDPR is so-call personal data. Anyone who thinks they don’t have this data in the company cause for Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List example the website is only for information and does not provide any analytical data is wrong.  even a small  external service providers customers and suppliers has a total of over personal data records. In addition there is data from applicants from cooperation and sponsoring partners as well as from other actors with whom the company is in contact. This means that every contact person who is in contact with the company already has at least one data record that is worth protecting. How extensive the service package will depends on the size of the company.

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As a rule these points in the company are to cover by an external data protection officer: Instructions and Permissions. Suppos internals such as KY Lists authorizations and instructions of a structural and technical nature must updat regularly and with a view to the GDPR in order to ensure the security of personal data. data processing. Each of the data sets just list must protect during processing taking into account valid data processing operations. Individual arrangements. This includes for example the obligation to document how the video surveillance.

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