Is a marketing consultant To put it simply the marketing. Consultants advise and support companies in all. Areas of marketing for example in order to optimize their. Working methods. In concrete terms this is a holistic and usually long. Term arrangement. is commission by the company to provide complete support so that in addition to general changes in market requirements customer nes also play a role in the consultant’s analyses. In some cases however it can also temporary employment for a special project. In both cases the consultant should work out which opportunities and risksarise for the company Together with the company.

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Further steps are then deriv from this and the marketing measures are then slightly or fundamentally chang. Duties of a Marketing Consultant a Nepal Phone Number List marketing consultant like marketing itself is very diverse. A very important task is to analyze the markets customers and competitors and to develop new havior for the respective company. Bas on the consultants’ analysis for example new strategies for achieving goals are set up or marketing plans are drawn up. Where exactly the marketing consultant comes active in a company’s marketing varies from case to case. As a rule a distinction is made tween the following instruments in order to bring about effective changesproduct policy pricing policy communication policy.

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The area of ​​responsibility of

Distribution policy Tasks Marketing Consultant In the product policy the marketing consultants help their customers or a in such a way that they KY Lists optimally address the desir target group and the sales figures can increas accordingly. The famous price screwis also ing turn in pricing policy . However the first thing to do here is to find out what price the consumer is willing to pay for the product in question. The correction and changes to previous strategies also fall into the pricing policy – ​​for example through discounts or bonuses. In the course of the communication policy the consultant analyzes how.

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