Just happen on the side but should ideally consider right from the start. Branding also includes the continuous development of this brand. of awareness and a high recognition value are the promise of success for optimal branding . A company’s goal should for as many people as possible to have specific brand knowlge about their brand which leads to the activation of positive feelings. This link is creat by the name of the brand or the logo. A high recognition value and the positive link tween a brand and a company thus lead to.

Branding goals A high level

 Significant competitive advantages. Well-known brands automatically evoke certain associations. This often has unconscious or the evaluation of Spain Phone Numbers List competing products or services. For example certain brands are automatically attribut tter quality tter taste or the like. These anchor associations can have a positive or negative impact on companies in competition. branding What is hind successful branding Which positive characteristics should associat with my brand What does my company my product or my service stand for fore starting branding these characteristics ne to defin. Marketing strategies can focus on the following properties for example: PriceAssociating the brand with a particularly cheap or expensive price.

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Influences on our purchasing havior

Innovation particularly modern products are trademarks of the company Qualityhigh demands and expectations of services or product Economybrand KY Lists is characteriz by special environmental awareness Uniquenessproduct or service is only available from this company Which of these qualities you want or should focus on in your  on your product or service. However you do not only achieve a positive brand image through the properties of the product or service. For example your company can also increase its awareness and recognition through public social campaigns. Building such an image can lead to greater customer branding . DIM brand platform The logo: visualization of the brand Why does a company.

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