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Companies can take advantage

Working on the language assistant Duplex which makes calls and arranges appointments independently. This can be for example an appointment with the hairdresser or a restaurant reservation. During a call the assistant’s voice is indistinguishable from a human voice and thus takes care of everyday organizational tasks for the user. It is no longer possible to distinguish whether the other person is a machine or a human being. built-in pauses for thought reinforce this impression and ensure human and natural.

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Components in artificial intelligence . In welchen Bereichen kommt es bereits zur Anwendung von Big  from the English and stands for a large Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List amount of data or a large data set. This includes for example data from the areas of the Internet the financial industry the energy industry health care and transport. In addition data volumes from new sources such as social mia crit and customer cards assistance devices surveillance cameras and both aircraft and vehicles are also includ. These immense amounts of data are stor process and finally evaluat from the various areas. Since the emergence of the Internet and in connection with the Internet of Things (IoTmore devices are connect to the Internet which collect data.

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Among other things this data provides information about customers (behaviourdevices and product performance. The data records creat every day KY Lists are consider the currency of the future. As a result the economy or of this by using analyzes to gain insights into the purchasing behavior of their customers to identify potential and risks or to optimize production processes within the company. However big data is also relat to artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence helps to manage and process large amounts of data. In concrete terms this means that an AI system can carry out more effective data analysis the larger the data volumes are. This enables artificial intelligence to capture new patterns.

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