Turning point that already functions as a watersh tween a pre- and post-pandemic epoch and as such is mention in the same breath as the end of the crisis from . In view of this several studies surveys and similar works have already look at the effects. They take the currently clearer situation as an opportunity to run a kind of follow-up and preview bas on it. We have summariz the most relevant points for retail in general e-commerce in particular and the world of work. Pandemic Impact stock.ado Halfpoint Post-Corona in retail If there’s a big winner from the pandemic when it comes to retail it’s e-commerce .

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While brick-and-mortar retail plays its counterpart. However this is not the only finding for this industry. GDP is unlikely to fall any further Cambodia Phone Number List If you take a look at the quarterly figures for German gross domestic product over the past few years you will see that the price-adjust change has almost always en positive.  at the ginning of the pandemic. Only Even if the really big losses seem to  over we are currently still in negative territory. However according to the assessment of the German Council of Economic Experts  among other things this will  dissolv in the near future. The experts forecast GDP growth of percent for and percent for.

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While another wave could stunt growth the slump would  weaker and weaker as vaccination rates rose. Last but not least one reason for the increase can KY Lists found in the following point The accumulat assets are spent Massively ruc opportunities to spend money cause shops restaurants and many other facilities were clos  months that you had significantly more in your account than usual at the end of the month. You’d  in good company with that. cause the lockdowns and shutdowns meant that Germans sav more than ever fore. Normally the savings rate here is about ten percent In  on the other hand it shot up to.

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