More than of these companies generate sales. Of one billion euros or more. In total family businesses generate percent. Of the nationally count sales trillion euros. And are responsible for about percent of all jobs. Subject to social security contributions in Germany. In the period from to  the numr of employees in the largest family businesses increasin Germany by percent. -controll Dax companies increas the numr of their employees by only four percent. Family business opportunities and challenges Succession planning as a challenge for family.

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Businesses The primary goal of a family business is. To continue the entrepreneurial success from generation to generation.  of an orderly and Spain Phone Numbers List early initiat succession plan. Entrepreneurs should note the following important. Points in this context  of the family in the company Definition and staffing of relevant interfaces tween family and company Establishment of a competent management structure and early succession planning for the family business Answering the question of how to grow a business without losing control In a family business  there are two opposing social systems that do not necessarily have to  compatible with each other. cause a family and a company are.

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Usually found for completely different reasons. In this way  all of those tense relationships that occur in any good family come together in a family business . In KY Lists connection with the high demands on a successful company management a high stress factor develops in. This area of ​​tension not least with the regulations of the successor. Since interest willingness motivation and competence must  found within one’s own family ranks there is also only a very sharp search corridor. Sometimes this tends towards zero in the case of a lack of offspring. This usually means the end of a family business. family business and competition Like all companies family businesses are also confront with the complex tasks of sustainable.

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