Longer so easy to stand out from the crowd. Companies that want to bring their product to the man or woman must therefore understand how to make memorable advertising that sticks in the mind and encourages purchase –  specializes in this. With advertising psychology you can steer the buying behavior to a certain extent if you know your craft. advertising psychology What advertising should be able to do Advertising has come a long way over the centuries if not millennia. Today we can draw on a huge pool of knowlge.

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Three important advertising models can be deriv from this. The most well-known is known by the abbreviation AIDA .  Attention Interest Desire Peru Phone Number List and Action . The buyer’s attention is arous after which real interest is built up. Attention and interest lead to desire and end in the final action purchase. If you continue with the AIDA model you end up with PPPP short for Picture Promise Prove Push . Here we work with pictorial representations. It should be possible to derive a promise from this representation which will ultimately be kept in the next step. At the end there is the call to action i.e. the purchase The next model is.

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Call Unique Selling Point or USP for short . Loosely translat it means something like unique selling point. It is the most important element of an adverti KY Lists singfocal point. Emotion as a decision factor Reason only plays a subordinate role in the decision to buy a product or not. The human brain is very associative interpretative and selective. As a result one usually does not act rationally but emotionally. Scientists suspect that we are only aware of just . percent of what the brain is doing at the moment. It processes the rest unconsciously . We are often the last to know what the brain is up to. That’s why advertising professionals should primarily deal.

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