Fact that a company’s marketing concept is influenc by the relevant environment. The results of the opportunity-risk analysis are relevant here. The situation and position of the company represents the current situation and position of the company in the competitive environment. In detail Market Position Analysis Business program analysis  strategic analyses Strengths and weaknesses of the company Current status quo of marketing concepts The company’s target program represents the company’s goals as well as the relevant area marketing and sales goals. It also deals with the marketing policy goals and the restrictions on implementation (limiting factors). The strategy profile includes the presentation of the.

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Strategy mix that the company has develop as part of business development and would like to implement in the future. It is important to Mexico Phone Number List determine a basic strategic concept and a strategy profile. In addition competitive strategic patterns of action must  describ and actual and target portfolios must  formulat.  arrive at a strategy profile areSWOT Analysis and the Portfolio Analysis . The marketing mix deals with the implementation of marketing instruments.The following aspects must  cover Formulation of performance policy Determination of the distribution policy instruments Formulation of the communication approach.

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Determination of the price strategy and the concrete prices Presentation of the marketing processes Fixing the guidelines for resource endowment KY Lists Formulating the focus and activity levels of the marketing mix The planning contain sales planning contribution margin planning and product group planning that result from marketing activities. We create an effective marketinMultichannel Marketing – Still Relevant  Multichannel marketing is by no means an invention of the st century that arose with the advent and establishment of digital mia. For example the pharmacy of Dr. Alrt rnard ( ) as the first and oldest mical mail-order company that.

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