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German Institute for Marketing There are various options for brand hierarchies that structure a company’s brand portfolio. than other approaches on its own it makes sense to look at the options in detail. This enables an assessment to be made as to whether a specific brand architecture is more advantageous than another. Option of a brand architecture The brand house One way to implement your brand architecture is the so-call brand house. The corporate / umbrella brand acts as a shell and all products and services of the company are sold under one brand. This strategy always makes sense when the corporate.

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Brand has a strong positioning and thus transfers positive associations and cribility to all products and services. Especially if the product portfolio Bahamas Phone Number List is homogeneous an umbrella brand and thus the brand house can efficiently ensure high visibility.  are the companies Allianz and Siemens or in the consumer goods sector the brands Nivea and Kinder von Ferrero. The Rewe brand is a good example for retail. These brands each form the umbrella brand or analogously umbrella brand . Option of a brand architecture sub-brands A sub-brand represents an additional brand within a family of brands that identifies a specific service or product.

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Typical examples of this strategy

Brand elements of the umbrella brand are transferr to the sub-brand. Sub-brands are often us in order to be able to create a profile. Within a brand KY Lists portfolio.  Product portfolio if the umbrella brand is excessively stretch. Brand a positive transfer of brand values ​​from the umbrella brand to the sub-brand can be ensur. In the technical environment for example the company Hewlett Packard (HP) has establish sub-brands such as HP Specter or HP Elitebook as laptop brands as well as the printer brand HP Laser.

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