Product manager with Marc Harmeyer in Cologne or online Inform now Mon Product management – The successful product manager with Marc Harmeyer in Cologne or online Inform now Legend Free places available. fully book. Impact on product & marketing decisions The rethinking of consumers in the direction of sustainable and environmentally friendly products or brands has consequences for all brand policy decisions and for the design of a company’s marketing measures. The trend towards sustainable consumer havior.

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Influences all phases of the value chain and must  consider throughout the entire product life cycle . In addition to the extraction of raw materials and Morocco Phone Number List production the distribution and disposal or recycling of the product are also relevant criteria in consumer decisions.n marketing. Those responsible must consider these new market requirements in all their decisions and communicate them correctly to the outside world. Certificate courseDIMsustainability marketing A large part of a company’s reputation is shap by its ecological and social commitment! Reason enough to use this potential and actively engage in sustainability marketing . There are a few tips to keep in mind Live sustainability authentically it’s not just about talking it’s also about acting! Sustainability is an emotional topic therefore.

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Make your sustainability marketing emotional too! Avoid scandals In the worst case good crisis communication is important. Don’t go greenwashing KY Lists you’re jeopardizing the trust of your customers. If you take these tips into account you will  able to gain the trust of consumers and use the potential of the sustainability trend. Lals and sustainability seals Consumers encounter an increasing variety of environmentally friendly brands and product alternatives. It is well known that quality seals generally increase the customer’s willingness to buy . The use of lals and sustainability seals as determinants of the purchase decision is therefore of great importance. They should serve as a guide when purchasing and create.

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