Year goes to our contribution to the st advertising campaigns in which we present the most relevant advertising campaigns from our point of view blog/die- -sten-weraktionen / Top  Influencer Marketing Our contribution to the topic of influencer marketing is in th place. In addition to a definition and an illustration of the formulasuccessful influencers in German-speaking countries here Top  Market segmentation Our contribution to the subject of market segmentation took th place this year. Here you can find out how you can segment your market and subsequently process it more efficiently.

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You can also look forward to exciting articles about strategic marketing market research and trends in the online world next year.  top posts sign up for our newsletter . Are you looking for a reliable partner for your company development and marketing We are Dominican Republic Phone Number List happy to help! Contact us for a personal consultation! Digital storytelling success factor for content marketing  votesIn the implementation of content marketing  digital storytelling is one of the essential tools with which you can pursue different communication goals.

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To do this digital storytelling uses the multitude of digital communication channels available to spread image and brand-stories. The golden rule of KY Lists communication also applies to digital storytelling the meaning of a message is always determin by the recipient not the sender. Digital storytelling – definition Digital storytelling tells exciting and relevant stories on digital channels. However well-told stories have not only excit mankind since the ginning of digitization. Therefore digital storytelling is also bas on traditional storytelling methods such as the hero’s journey. In addition there are the increasingly digital possibilities – especially those of visual storytelling Digital storytelling allows.

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