As a former mayor of New York Michael Bloomrg is consider one of the richest people in the world. He will run as a candidate for the Democrats in the presidential election against Donald Trump. In his Super Bowl advertising which cost him around million dollars he also relies on emotions and positions himself clearly against the US gun lobby. football fans worldwide are already in full swing cause on February rd it will finally  that time againAt the rd Super Bowl this year the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams will.

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Face each other. The game gins at p.m. ET and will  play this year at Merces-nz Stadium in Atlanta Georgia. Every year renown compete for the Ukraine Phone Number List unofficial title of st Super Bowl Advertisement. Super Bowl commercial . Pepsi – More Than OK Coca Cola or Pepsi Cola There is no consensus on which of the two soft drinks tastes tter. Nevertheless the term Cokeis establish as a generic term for cola. With this year’s spot Pepsi tries to and differentiate it from Coca-Cola. In order to achieve this goal according to the protagonists Pepsi is more than just OK. When choosing the testimonials.

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American and international companies

Pepsi didn’t skimp on their budget and hir three top-class artists. Alongside musicians Lil Jon and Cardi B is actor and comian Steve Carell. Lots of humour KY Lists good music and good actors make this commercial special. www.youtu/watchv= sYElEbRzKA . Budweiser – Wind Never Felt branch should  perceiv as the third most important place in the customer’s life alongside one’s own home and workplace. Of course Starbucks emphasizes the central role that the ecological sustainability of trade and social responsibility for farmers and their own employees have. Unilever’s mission with the Dove brand can  seen in the strengthening of women’s self-confidence and self-confidence especially with regard to the acceptance of their own body.

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