People women and younger children and was very successful. Southwest Airlines: Another example is Southwest Airlines a pioneer of low-cost airlines. By eliminating services such as lounges or seating prices have en significantly ruc. times and a higher frequency of departures a real alternative to the car could creat which is characteriz by a high travel spe at low prices. Cirque du Soleil: The Canadian Cirque du Soleil creat a  classic circus. No animals or star artists appear in the performances instead the focus is on the collective of artists and the combination of entertainment elements. Thus a high-quality and higher-pric form of circus was creat which is no longer aim at children and families.

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At adults and represents an alternative to theater and opera. Certificate course Business Development Manager DIM Webinar  find our recording Bolivia Phone Number List of the webinar on the Blue Ocean Strategy by Prof. . The webinar is divid into the following points: Definition and basics of the Blue Ocean strategy The basic patterns: Blue vs. R Oceans Blue Ocean strategy tools Examples of successful Blue Ocean strategies Critical appraisal Webinar Blue Ocean The four hurdles to implementing Blue Ocean Like any change in the company the.

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Implementation of the Blue Ocean strategy in the company can lead to problems. Kim and Mauborgne talk about the four hurdles to implementation KY Lists The cognitive hurdle The cognitive hurdle states that employees should shown the ne for strategic changes in order to justify the changes in the company and to take away the fear of possible termination The resource hurdle The resource hurdle states that the greater the changes in the company the more resources are requir to implement the Blue Ocean strategy. This can make implementation difficult if not impossible for some companies The motivation hurdle The.

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