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A success-orient strategy and implement it competently. Just contact us: Black Hat Sith – SEO Contest Result: The final ranking and our findings The SEO contest of the summer of the century is over and the online marketing team of the DIM is very happy about the win. We review the challenge in the last few. Our good start ranks was an incentive to be among the front runners at the end. The fictional keywords Black Hat Sith and White Hat Ji gave us lots of ideas for possible topics and content. So it was easy to cover the topics of black.

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Hat and white hat SEO measures. The theme of the challenge Star Wars also increas the fun factor. This is how the SEO contest was structur Cinestock was Taiwan Phone Number List the organizer of the highly remunerat Germany-wide SEO Contest.  Engine Optimization Contest search engine optimization competitionwas: to be list as high as possible in the search results of a search engine with the fictitious keywords Black Hat Sith and White Hat Ji. In the period between . . and up to points were award for the best plac. In the end the overall result count after the evaluation days. The competition once again gave us impetus to advertise our.

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Online marketing services more aggressively and was a good signal for the performance of our online marketing team for both our customers and our KY Lists team. – Managing Director of the German Institute for Marketing. Here are our Black Hat Sith rankings at a glance: Daypoints Daypoints Daypoints Daypoints Daypoints Winner SEO ContestSEO Contest Black Hat Sith Overall we were able to take home first place Our contribution to White Hat Ji was also able to achieve a good ranking. Here we take th place home with us. SEO Contest: White Hat Ji th place th place: SEO Contest White Hat Ji We would like to thank the organizers of the SEO Contest.

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