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Customers Advertising by post is not consider unreasonable harassment. . Can advertising consents be purchas Advertising consents could only be sold if the owner of the e-mail address or telephone number explicitly consent to the resale to third parties and the advertising use by them and this consent was verifiably available. But that is unrealistic.  always be obtain for each individual contact from the advertising company itself. An alternative in the e-mail area would be to rent oneself into an advertising campaign. You rent a desir contingent of e-mail addresses from the relevant providers. The owner of the e-mail list takes care.

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Of the sending Thus the risk of a warning remains with the same. . Will GDPR change anything in The new General Data Protection  force in aims Morocco Phone Number List to regulate data protection at EU level. Above all the GDPR affects the collection storage and processing of data and the complete documentation of these processes in companies. For the use of stor data for advertising purposes the law against unfair competition (UWG) which applies in Germany at feral level is still decisive. If data has been collect stor and process in accordance with data protection regulations the known rules on the subject of advertising consent continue to apply.

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To advertising use What is even allow with purchas addresses As already indicat it is unfortunately wrong to assume that one can use any KY Lists contact details for advertising purposes when address material has been purchas.  consent can be provid. Consequently you can only use the address material according to the same rules as addresses that you have independently collect from public sources. In principle only the postal address is suitable for the legally correct first contact. You would use criteria such as the telephone number or even the e-mail address at your own risk and in an emergency you would have to.

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