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Reacts to a lack of optimization with incomprehension. Online Marketing Seminar Visit our online marketing seminar and learn how to market your company online with the website as the focal pointFind out about the dates and exact content:  Cologne or onlineInform now W. . . Online marketing compactin Cologne or onlineInform now Legend:Free places available.Only a few places left!Sorry fully book. Only fully digital solutions make sense  digital for a long time. For years there has been for: citizen offices registration offices tax offices Web pages. Information on how to get there or opening hours.

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A nice feature However making public authorities fully digitally accessible goes far beyond that. Fully digital means that users – i.e. citizens – cannot simply download forms. Rather the point here is to digitize complete administrative processes – from filling out Malta Phone Number List a form to submission and authentication. The latter is the real hurdle. only way to legitimize yourself to the authorities was to sign. The situation now looks different. An example is the aforemention tax return. The latter can be submitt fully digitally. This means that taxpayers install the necessary utility – which can be download from tax offices – and fill out the requir tax forms.

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The document can then be check for any errors – and sent to the tax office. This requires authentication for example via a certificate file. Taxpayers KY Lists must apply for the latter in advance but they can always use it to send documents to the FA. Challenges official website Source: fotolia; rich nature Fill it out and print it out – it’s not enough When sending the tax return the tax authorities show that full digitization can also be implement by the public sector. But: Not every office and authority has achiev this status. Especially in the municipal sector it happens again.

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