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Present the necessary facts about a product clearly and precisely at the factual level. Ratherhe is aware of the complexity of the customer who stands in front of him. He is able to read the customerso to speaki.e. to recognize which basic ne he is most likely to have and which motivation drives him the most. Because of this intuitionthe salesperson succes best in actively addressing both levels with the customer. In this contextexperts say that the empathy of the seller can become an almost unbeatable competitive advantage. The seller creates a conversational atmosphere that is comfortable for the customer. He feels that he is being taken care ofthat he is receiving.

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Competent advice andabove allhe has the impression that his counterpart is trying to understand what he really wants. Here the iceberg model is implement perfectly by the seller and sooner or later leads to success. Business  iceberg model in brand building When building and designing a brandit is also worth including the iceberg model in the Singapore Phone Number List conception. Similar to the corporate culturea brand can also be divid into visible and hidden factors. On the factual levela brand consists of the associat products and servicesthe representation via logocolor schemeetc. and communication via social miaadvertising campaigns or website.  less tangible aspectssuch as the brand imagethe buying experience of its products or the experiences of the customers. These factors are call brand crits.

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They represent the foundation for customer loyalty and thus brand stability. In order to develop a successful brandnoticeable brand presence KY Lists and brand crit are equally important. By optimizing the brand presencethe brand crit should be charg in the long term.  their own brand with positive feelings and associations ensures positive customer experiences and thus ensures success on the invisible but important relationship level. The iceberg model in corporate project management The importance of the iceberg model for a company’s project managementfor examplecan be illustrat with a small example A project manager says to one of his team members Please take over tomorrow’s product.

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