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A pat on the back can often make a big impact. Employee loyalty through co-determination In additionyou should involve your employees in important decisions. If you have done a good job of recruitingthere are intelligent and motivat people among your employees. Use this to make smart decisions for big marketing campaigns. It will be very useful for employee loyalty that employees can help shape the future of the company.  also greatly appreciat if the job can be adapt to individual life situations.

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One who has just start a family must strictly organize the day with their partner. If you as an employer play along hereit will make your employee’s 1000 Mobile Phone Number List life much easier. For many peoplethis is worth significantly more than a salary increase.  employee retention tool is a company car. As a rulethis is grant in lieu of a salary increase. This has several advantages. Your expenses for a company car are tax ductible and you do not have to pay any social security contributions. The tax burden is also ruc for your employees In additionyour employee.

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Will quickly get us to the mobility. In the event of a job changehe would have to give up the company car and buy his own vehicle. Many lack the capital KY Lists to do so. healthy and happy Happy employees rarely leave the company. Howeverone is not only satisfi because of one’s job. Above allhealth plays an important role here. very important to you that your employees are physically well. Those who exercise and eat healthily get sick less often and are more productive. To achieve thisyou couldfor examplenegotiate a cooperation with a local fitness studio or organize joint sports events. Promote employee relationships Team building measures are an excellent tool for employee retention . There are a variety of events that are suitable for strengthening.

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