Are still at the weekend

White hat ji black hat sith That’s it for Sunday. Black Hat Sith Challenge DayMonday Check the keywords in XOVI. Well who says so st place for Black Hat Sith . Well that doesn’t say very much since the competitors . Black Hat Sith Xovi excerpt Black Hat Sith Xovi excerpt For this we got together in our SEO team and develop the holistic SEO strategy for the Black Hat Sith Challenge . Systematic and structur. What are the risks what opportunities do we have How do we want to proce Who does what by when One creative hour.

Crap place is gone again

Let’s go Black Hat Sith – SEO TEAM MilaTec Black Hat Sith – SEO TEAM MilaTec Which tool are us to collect the results Aha Dynapso – a tool that is Anhui Mobile Phone Number List still unknown to us so we first have to create a test account and test the functions of this tool. dynapso black hat sith white hat ji dynapso black hat sith white hat ji And write the first text and Off to the end of the day.  Black Hat Sith Challenge DayTuesday Totally nervous How does our ranking look this morning Can we establish ourselves in the TOP Yes The tool still shows us at number . Black Hat Sith Dynapso: Black Hat Sith Let’s check the first competitors One page has no.

Phone Number List

Another White Hat competitor

Content at all but ranks great. A Swiss ranks but has many spelling mistakes in the text. A competitor has start well with LEGO figures but appears to KY Lists be championing the light side of the Force and optimiz for WHITE HAT JI. He already has pictures and a video. We already order the LEGO figures yesterday. Let’s see when they arrive.cook a dish ;-). Not bad either. A little bit of text but videos and infographics. We’ll see. Also a nice strategy: A well-ranking block post from a completely different context cutting boardsis enrich.

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