The context of positioning are simply not effective and of long-term duration. Therefore a business segment analysis is a suitable tool to build a sustainable brand positioning on a meaningful basis. The business segment analysis shows  the relevant environment of customers brand products competitors etc. Product categories worlds of use and approaches to nes are us to develop a positioningnew insights. On this basis positioning options can then  discuss and develop in a workshop Seminar and customer.

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Would you like to position yourself and your products competitively on the market In our positioning and USP seminar  we will show you how to develop USA Phone Number List your unique selling proposition and your USP.e Find out now about the exact dates and contentTuesday / / USP and customer nefitin or onlineInform now Tuesday  USP and customer nefitin or onlineInform now Legend:Free places available.Only a few places leftSorry fully book. Develop positioning – Bas on the business segment analysis and the insights gain an externally moderat positioning workshop with the management and executives offers a space for necessary discussions about positioning approaches and further development opportunities for the brand.

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Step Internal positioning workshop

Within the internal positioning workshop current and future options can  brought together in a meaningful way. positioning offers a variety of KY Lists advantages. For this purpose the DIM has develop specific tools and methods in order to achieve an effective positioning . Develop positioning – Step External positioning workshop An effective positioning can only  work out if there is also specific customer feback. With a customer workshop or external positioning workshop  you will gain insights into the expectations and challenges that customers are dealing with in their relevant environment. With an externally moderat customer workshop you will receive specific insights and a clear review of your.

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