Location and with good linking should  taken into account when designing an ad. The viewing direction over the entire display is to  optimiz here. In order to design effective and thus successful advertisements it is advisable to observe the following rulesLimit yourself to the following basic elements title – image – text – logo. Ads are view  not read so only the most important things should  communicat. Images  select and relat to the product or value proposition. The title or headline should  carri through the image . Note the addressee’s preferr reading direction . Place important things at the top or in the middle.

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With sufficient size. Faces achieve a strong effect  eye-catcher  and can control the direction of the viewer’s gaze as well as pictorial directions Benin Phone Number List of movement or depth representations. Avoid typical mistakes such as overloading an ad with  stimuli and eye-catchers promises of performance or convincing arguments. Since each individual advertisement is  of long-term campaigns there should  conceptual conformity. A spontaneous quick shot can cause great damage. Tuesday April  campaign managementin Cologne or onlineInform now W campaign managementin Cologne or online Inform now.

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Campaign managementin Cologne or onlineInform now Legend:Free places available.Only a few places left!Sorry fully book Analysis checklist The KY Lists ne for detail analysis of an advertisement is obvious. The classic communication formula according to Lasswell offers a first access to the analysisWHO sender says WHAT advertising message in WHICH CHANNEL advertising mium to WHOM addressee with WHAT EFFECT advertising effect. The sender can make a single product a product group the entire company or a group of companies the subject of the advertisement. On the other hand the addressee descris the target group to which the.

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