Be deriv from the requirements. The aim of a strategy workshop should rather be to discuss options for action. Finally the options should be select that: /competences have a high probability of implementation look to the future and not preserve the old have a high level of acceptance among those involv were develop appreciatively and openly with the participants during the process include a realistic amount of resources as well as contribute to a sustainable strengthening of the company found here: Sustainability in the cosmetics industry . / – ( votes) The cosmetics industry has repeatly fac allegations especially when it comes to.

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Animal testing and too much plastic in packaging and products. This criticism damages the reputation of many cosmetics manufacturers.  increasingly focusing on sustainability in the cosmetics industry and environmentally friendly measures – from the cultivation of raw materials to packaging. Sustainability in the cosmetics industry – Some companies now rely on sustainable cultivation of the raw materials for their cosmetic products. The following options Germany Phone Number List are available to you for this: The cultivation takes place either in the company’s own plant garden or the companies control the cultivation areas in the sense of sustainability and pay attention to a careful treatment of nature. This can be achiev for.

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Example if the natural resources are not us en masse in monocultures but in smaller quantities and together with other plants that grow naturally KY Lists at the site. The renunciation of monocultures ensures that the habitat of many animals is preserv. Another option for sustainable cultivation is that a company is committ to preserving wild or even endanger plant species. Digital Brand Manager (DIM) Sustainable cosmetic packaging Packaging often contains plastic and creates large amounts of waste. Unfortunately both end up in nature again and again which harms animals and plants. In addition toxic substances can also get into the soil and groundwater so that people are also.

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