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Consulting firm PWC over of Germans said they knew the language assistant Alexa from Amazon or Siri from Apple. Around of the study participants are already using the Amazon Echo which is equipp with the Alexaplanning to purchase it. The new virtual assistants are already experiencing a remarkable boom considering that Amazon’s devices have only been available since autumn . Alexa shows that Amazon has innovative strength not the first time. The US group launch its dash buttons in and show where the journey in.

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Private consumption and retail could lead. What can voice assistants do Example Alexa Skills Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa can be ask a plethora of Kuwait Phone Number List things which it provides answers to. For example current news can be retriev with the voice. What exactly can be answer by Alexa depends on the install Alexa Skills. Similar to apps on a smartphon the functionality of Amazon’s voice assistants. The type and functionality of these Alexa Skills are diverse. We introduce you to the best Alexa skills for the office. The best Alexa skills for the office These Alexa skills can quench the daily thirst for knowlge.

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In the office or offer useful functions for everyday life such as finding a rental car or checking the latest news. German startups Informs you about the KY Lists latest news from the German startup scene which is f in by The messages play revolve around new deals and financing. Frankfurt Stock Exchange Allows the user to call up current share prices and index levels of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Outside trading hours the skill informs you about the closing levels. Sixt car rental simplifies and accelerates the booking of a rental car for the next business appointment. Various vehicle classes can be suggest to you by voice command.

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