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After giving the customer some

Perspectives on a specific problem and creates new perspectives. Also invite enough target group representatives. Personas help immensely in showing the interests wants and nes of a certain target group branch and conveying them clearly.suitable target group representatives. The material/technique: Provide enough tables and chairs to allow for multiple group work at the same time. Keep that in mind when choosing the location. A clear separation of the individual work areas must be clearly recognizable. The participants should be able to project their ideas quickly and easily. So make sure you have enough.

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Whiteboards flipcharts posters and writing utensils. Provide post-its. Collect ideas wishes or suggestions can then be attach to posters. However there is also Tunisia Phone Number List a more modern way: The Nureva Wall is an innovative method for customer workshops .  digital collaboration. The Nureva Span Workspace software uses digital screens and optimiz audio conferences for this. This means that even absent participants can participate in the customer workshop at any location . Legend:Free places available.Only a few places left!Sorry fully book. The invitation: Invite your customers with a personal letter. Communicate all relevant information.

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Regarding the upcoming customer workshop . Depending on the strength of customer loyalty a previous telephone or personal inquiry is also possible in KY Lists which you can tell your customer about the customer workshopinform. time to think about it intensify your efforts to win him over to the workshop e.g. in the form of an unobtrusive reminder letter. After the customer has agre to participate in the workshop you officially invite your customer to your workshop in a personal letter and thus provide him with all the necessary information. List the date location start time and duration of the workshop. Set your moderators who will be through the customer.

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