Market Segmentation Strategy market growth strategy market stimulation strategy In the market segmentation strategy the overall market is divid into market segments. The aim is for the products on offer to be better tailor to the target group.  niche products. If the decision is made on the market growth strategy the aim is to promote growth in the market. Here it is possible to serve the following fields of action which are clearly summariz by the product-market matrix: Market penetration : This strategy uses existing products and tries to increase the market share and thus promote growth by positioning the products more strongly.

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Even if this approach has a low risk the chances of growth are small. Product development : In product  the existing market with a product variation or an extension of the range. In view of the uncertainty of success the risk increases here. Market development : If new markets are open up with an already existing product this is referr to as market development. Examples of a new market would be a new target group or a new country. Diversification Uruguay Phone Number List Diversification represents the most risky growth strategy in contrast to the other three strategies it has the highest growth potential. With this strategy a company.

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Develops new products and opens up new markets. . Identification evaluation and selection of the most suitable optionthat are suitable or relevant for the company it is evaluat using a catalog of criteria which is follow by the selection of the most suitable option KY Lists Implementation and Control The final step in the product strategy process involves implementing the strategy using marketing measures. Due to the dynamics and spe of the markets this requires consistent monitoring. Product manager course ConclusionInstagram Marketing – Tips for using it as a marketing channel . / – ( votes) Instagram marketing has establish itself as an essential part of contemporary marketing concepts. The reason for this is that Instagram is still regard as THE photo platform par excellence.

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