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Implementation Recommend measures for the individual customer classes In principle two elementary aspects can be distinguish in the ABC analysis. The information aspect and the action aspect. Within the context of the information aspect it is primarily a matter of clustering and fundamentally segmenting the customers. customer classes action programs must be formulat that allow specific processing strategies (action aspect). When carrying out the ABC analysis two essential pieces of information are requir both the success variable to be analyz and the classification into classes must be determin.

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The basis of the customer evaluation is a quantitative performance indicator. This is often the cumulative annual turnover or the contribution margin Nigeria Phone Number List generat. The cumulative annual turnover has the advantage that it can determine the transaction data with the help of an IT-support CRM solution. In order to obtain the most exact data possible however only the previous financial year can be us. If the system generates a database for the evaluation in the current year then the turnover per customer must be differentiat. Designation characterization.

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Information aspect of ABC analysis

Plann turnover Sales planning for the customer which was determin during annual meetings Turnover including orders on hand backlog Turnover KY Lists including receivables Sales that have been made for which there is either an incoming payment or a claim Sales with receipt of payment Year-to-date revenue for which the invoice items have already been paid The category boundaries should be determin in such a way that the customer classes are relatively homogeneous within and that there is heterogeneity between the classes. It should be not that the number of A and B customers must not be too large otherwise efficient use of funds is hardly possible. In operational practice in addition to the quantitative form there is also a qualitative.

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