Sustainable consumption is the use of goods. And services That contributes to meeting the nes. Of people living today. Without jeopardizing the ability to meet nes of other people and future generations. Sustainable consumer havior ne- consumer havior is characteriz by the reflection of the social and ecological consequences of one’s own purchasing decision. Sustainable consumer havior current developments The current results of the Utopia Study show that sustainability is gaining in importance in almost all areas of life. Compar to the study in  people today consume more consciously and sustainably. to -year-olds are the most willing consumers to shop and can therefore  seen as an important driver of consumption.

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Food body care and cosmetics as well as household items. Are the areas in which consumers pay particular attention to. Fair and sustainable production.  survey  percentattach great importance to food ing produc in an environmentally friendly and fair manner. The growing desire for less packaging material. And plastic is also coming clear. and more Malta Phone Number List people are willing to pay for environmentally friendly products. In addition consumers are willing to pay a certain premium for sustainable packaging. What is important here however is transparency with regard to the ecological footprint of the product.

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With detail information on the sustainability of. Your offer you can positively influence consumers’ purchasing decisions. Consumers find out about the KY Lists sustainability of a product primarily on the websites or in the online shops of the providers. Product management seminar In our. Two-day product management seminar you will learn all the tools of a successful product manager from product strategies to market and competitor analyzes to product innovations. With many practical examples and helpful tips and tricks you can quickly integrate the content you have learn into your everyday work and drive the success of your company. Find out now about the exact dates and content! Monday May th Product management The successful.

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