Cooperation with the prepar reasons. Once this has happenthe content is then creat in coordination with the partner. Collect the first link givers with a pre-outreach Pre -outreach is about presenting the campaign to itorial decision-makers in bullet points before it is complet. This makes it easier to spread the content later and increases awareness in advance. The pre-outreach starts with researching suitable link providers. -specific portals. This is follow by the campaign presentation via email. This should include the following points campaign theme Publication forma -bookonline toolg raphic add value of the campaign Arguments for supporting the campaign campaign launch Offer Content sent again after.

This can be  journals or topic

Publication of the campaign After receiving the e-mailthe contact person of a website is inform about the campaign topic. He can already make Norway Phone Number List considerations about a possible campaign integration in advance and ask questions if necessary.  makes sense if there is enough time before the start of the campaign. Contact potential link givers If no pre-ourtreach takes placethe e-mail with the preliminary information is omitt. Neverthelessit makes sense to consider reasons why cooperation partners should support the campaign.  argument increases the probability that a cooperation with the potential link provider will come about. The next step is Personal contact breaks the ice faster.

Phone Number List

Howevera pre-outreach only

Telephone contact with the link provider is particularly useful for large publishersportals and magazines. Because an e-mail to a general address is usually KY Lists lost. A phone call is also expient for article supplementssince the relevance of the campaign for the article can be explain in detail. Article supplement In the case of an article supplementa link to the campaign is plac in an existingcurrent and thematically appropriate article. Bas on the above examplea daily newspaper reports and warns about poison baits being laid out. An additional link to a poison bait guide can be set here. Friendliness is key on the phoneno matter.

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