Assess whether the shitstorm is a small shower or a severe storm. Depending on how you assess the shitstorm you can then consider exactly how you want to proce. extent It is of great importance to  able to understand the full extent of the shitstorm. comments under your posts. In addition the increas activity compar to normal interaction usually provides an indication of the extent of the shitstorm. persistence In the event of a shitstorm persistence descris the consistency of the comments. So here you check how long the negative comments have en going on. If these are short-liv chances are good that you can still control the situation.

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So you should intervene early. relevance How relevant the negative comments are ultimately depends on several factors. On the one hand of course on the Norway Phone Number List range and numr of users in the respective network. A large social network like  two billion memrs.  a real shit storm avalanche within a few hours. In addition the relevance also depends on how many people the posts are ultimately accessible to. Certificate course Online Marketing Manager  In the Online Marketing Manager  certificate course you will get to know the entire range of online marketing tools. In modules you will familiarize yourself with.

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Facebook for example has more than

The most important strategies channels and measures to master everyday work as an online marketing manager. Find out more here Online Marketing KY Lists Manager . Consequences of a shitstorm and influence on the corporate image A shitstorm can have different effects on the company’s image. On the one hand unethical havior and the resulting shitstorm can lead to loyal customers switching to the competition. The more the shitstorm is notic by the public for example through reports in online newspapers or on the radio.

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