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Professionally Especially if there has even been a shitstorm in the past this can be a really big challenge. Reputation Management management look like Reputation management includes the following tasks: planning Construction Care control First you should take stock of your current reputation. For this purpose the information available on the Internet as well as ratings and mentions should be collect and evaluat. What is the prevailing mood Which specific aspects are prais and which are criticiz This analysis is us to create a reputation management plan . Factors that are perceiv as positive should be promot and made particularly.

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Visible Negative aspects should be address and improv within the company so as not to provide a basis for negative reviews. your reputation. Blog posts Argentina Phone Number List press releases and social mia content are suitable for communicating the company’s successes and shaping the image on the Internet. It is also advisable to ask satisfi customers for  many positive votes as possible. A continuous task in reputation management is the monitoring of reputation and the associat measures. Mentions of your own company on the internet can be monitor via Google Alerts and social mia channels. In this way user comments or ratings.

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Can be react to in good time in order to prevent shitstorms and damage to reputation. Reputation management for applicants Due to the fact that KY Lists many HR managers scour the Internet for information before being invit to an interview reputation management also plays an important role here. Facebook profiles blogs and the like have long since become part of day-to-day business for many HR professionals. Where else is there such a perfect opportunity to get to know an applicant as he really is Even if the dimensions of shitstorms on private profiles are usually limit the corresponding accounts still have the potential to end an.

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