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Problem relates to the younger generation as the majority of young people no longer have a landline. Customer insights seminar Would you like to find out more about how your customers think and feel in order to address them appropriately Customer Insights Seminar and get to know the basics methods and working techniques of modern market research. Conclusion Opinion studies are an important tool to analyze the attitudes and views but also the wishes of the population and to draw appropriate conclusions from them.

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The data collection can be realiz by different methods both in writing and orally by telephone or online. However in order to make an opinion survey Namibia Phone Number List representative it must be kept in mind that not every group of people can be reach with every method.  also important to ensure the necessary objectivity. In summary a number of factors must be takUsing guest articles in blog marketing – How to attract new readers Guest articles fulfill different functions in blog marketing – both for the guest author and for the blog that publishes the guest post. Many blog operators are initially skeptical about allowing articles by other authors.

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Because over time your own readership develops certain expectations of the topics and the quality of the blog posts. However guest articles represent KY Lists new readers to your blog and should therefore not be rul out in advance. With a few tips you can use guest articles effectively in blog marketing. Guest Article in Blog Marketing Guest article in your own blog – The advantages Publishing guest articles in the company blog benefits not only the guest author but also the blog owner. Of course the company blog plays an important role in the company’s marketing mix . Especially in the area of ​​content marketing the blog is the linchpin.

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